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12 Quick Tips to Boost Your Instagram Follower Growth

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In the article 4 Powerful Tips to Get More Followers on Your Instagram Niche Account the focus was on basics that you need to succeed with growing Instagram followers in the longterm. In this article, you’ll get more directly actionable tips & tricks on how to leverage Instagram growth. Check if you are already working with them and otherwise implement them in your strategy.

1. Work with Analytics

To identify if the following tips are affecting your growth and to know when to readjust, you need to check your analytics regularly. How do the interactions increase? Is the curve of followers growing? How successful perform posts? … Instagram already offers many functions in the app. Alternatively, there are many great tools out there.

2. Use Instagram Reels

This article is written in October 2020. The reels are still a very new feature on Instagram and are pushed by the algorithm for that reason. The goal is to eventually outrun TikTok.

An analysis in our last blog article showed that reels on theme accounts get an average of 3.815x as many views as normal videos.

read the article

Use the chance and post reels! It’s a matter of time when the algorithm decrease the impact of them.

3. Use CTA’s in Your Caption

The caption should pick up and emphasize the character of your post. You have a cute dog video? Then the caption should refer to “cute”. 1 to 3 sentences are perfectly sufficient. Only a very few Instagram users read captions that contain more than 3 sentences.

At the end you should always ask the viewers a question, which they should answer in the comments. For example, if they had to laugh, if they would do the same… Give your viewers an entrance to comment. Many people would to get a reaction like a comment or like on their opinion from you – but they are shy. So make the start for interacting with a simple quesion at the end.

When you check your post analytics you’ll see that a lot of new people are visiting your account when your post performs well. So use this to grow more Instagram followers directly with your next post.

4. Choose the Right Upload Time

Especially for accounts with less than 100,000 followers the posting time has an important role. Check in the Insights on your Instagram profile when your followers are most active.

12 Quick Tips to Boost Your Instagram Follower Growth 1

The probability that a post will go viral is much higher if it reaches a high level of engagement immediately after uploading – and this is most likely to happen if many followers are online at once. Viral posts can give you the chance of great momentum for your whole account. In these Momentums, your Instagram follower growth can get to whole new levels.

5. Use Location Tags

A geotag can be used in every form of postings on Instagram. This is very helpful because people who live in the tagged location or are looking for this location are much more likely to see the post. So if you come from a small village, you’ll better tag the next big city.

According to Simply Measured, posts with a location tag in it received 79% more engagement than those without any.

In the end, it’s the sum of little things that make it much more likely that your post will go viral and attract thousands of new Instagram followers.

6. Run an Engagement Contest

Gary Vee has probably perfected this discipline. He offered great prizes for the people who comment in the first 10 minutes on his new posts. Users activated notifications for his posts just to get a chance to win.

You can also use this strategy for yourself. But you don’t need to pay for prizes, instead you can offer a shoutout in your feed or story. Communicate the action several times in your story and place it in your highlights. After a few days this will lead into a great community that jumps up very quickly when you share a post.

7. Follow the Trend

There are things that simply function well on Instagram. Dogs that “fly” with balloons, transformations from ugly to beautiful, etc… for a short period of time, certain videos are very welcomed by the Instagram community. Keep an eye out for these posts and be one of the first to repost them.

8. Search for Posts That Have Overperformed

If you discover a post with an engagement that is clearly above the average engagement of other posts on the Creator’s account, chances are good that it will also perform very well when you repost it.

Besides the engagement, it is also important how often the post has already been posted on other accounts. If the post has already been posted on every second theme account for 2 weeks straight, then the chances are close to zero that it will go viral on your account. On the other hand, if a viral post is already a year ago – chances are good that people already forgot about it so you can make it viral again.

There are great tools to find viral content on choosen Instagram accounts. In this adstock blog article you’ll get some details.

9. Focus on a Specific Topic

Would you follow an account where you’re not sure what content you can expect? Probably not. Before dogs_unity became the account it is today, it was called (yes – you’re allowed to laugh…) @miracle.cuteness. The plan was to post everything related to cuteness. Dogs, cats, babies … much too undefined. No growth for weeks. Only when I fixed the account to the dogtheme, the growth curve started.

10. Post at Least 6 Times a Day

When I was growing dogs_unity in the beginning I never posted more than 3 times a day. Not enough to grow as it turned out. Only when I shared at least 6 posts a day, my follower growth multiplied. The thought that followers would be annoyed if I shared so many posts turned out to be false. At that time there were no stories, IGTV, or reels. Today, we have a lot more features available – which makes it much easier to produce more content. You currently share 2 posts a day? Start working and try it over 2-3 weeks with at least 6 posts. You will be surprised.

11. Share Feed Posts in Stories

Instagram offers a simple feature that allows you to add a feed post directly to your story. Use this feature to teaser followers who watch your story. Make them aware that you have shared a new post and show them only a portion of the new feed post. It could look like this for example:

12 Quick Tips to Boost Your Instagram Follower Growth 2

Again, this increases the chances for a post to go viral. It’s all about virality when it comes to grow Instagram followers quickly.

12. Post consistently

Imagine it like that: The Instagram algorithm needs to be feed regularly – otherwise it gets mad and don’t show your posts to people. Make sure that you’re setting up a posting routine that is perfectly right for you. Because if you can’t hold that routine it causes pretty fast less engagement on your account – and it can take weeks to get back to that level.

My routine was to post 6 feed posts a day exactly at 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. I hold to that for more than a year and it paid off.

Time for action

You got some inspiration? Great – now it’s time for practice.

Do you also have some helpful tips for more followers? Then feel free to write them in the comments! 

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