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Adstock 2.0 is Coming!

Adstock 2.0 mockup

Adstock has been running smoothly for more than a year now, enabling influencers from around the world to take their shoutout business to a new level. During this time we’re able to collect tons of feedback. Direct as well as indirect. The idea of Adstock is very well received and there is a great demand for it. However, the relatively low amount of active users has shown us that some parts of the product need to be changed. After identifying the problems and getting an idea of what Adstock should look like, we came to the following decision:

It’s time for Adstock 2.0

The new version stands for freedom and flexibility. Whether upsells, bundles or bulk packages – everything will be possible!

In the current version, most influencers were forced to change their proven shoutout-services to sell them on Adstock. For example: It’s obvious that an influencer don’t want to lose the option to offer bundles with a second account if this is the best selling service that he has. The creation of services in the backoffice left no room for variation and the structure was already given.

With Adstock 2.0, any shoutout service you offered in your old-fashioned way can be offered on our tool.

Another point that was very important to us in the development is the user experience. In the first version of Adstock, many influencers had difficulties to figure out the way how it works after they registered. The second version is so well-thought-out that all important functions can be done intuitively.

Adstock 2.0 is Coming! 1
The wallet in Adstock 2.0 | Mockup by Anthony Boyd

So these are the main benefits of the new version:

Bulk packages
You want to encourage your customers to buy not just one, but two or three shoutouts? Then offer them discounted prices for that.

Offer additional services and increase your profit per customer. Here’s an example: Do you hate it to publish ugly shoutouts on your profile? Then offer your customers a “facelift” of the ad for an additional $10 by making the ad look pretty with canva.com or any other image editing tool of your choice. Win-Win!

You have more than one account where you sell shoutouts? Then offer special prices to your customers when they buy a shoutout on more than one of your accounts.

Don’t think about it, just do it. While the operation of Adstock 1.0 was not optimal according to the feedback we received, a few simple but very effective changes will be made here.

In addition to these fundamental changes, Adstock 2.0 will of course also bring some changes in detail. However, all the benefits of the current “old” version will stay in place. Fraud Protection, Tax management, Invoice creation, Payment varieties for customers, and anything else that you’ve learned to love.

When it gets published?

The test version for the second version is planned for the first quarter of 2021. Once we’ve done that you’ll receive a notification from us.

Let us know what you think!

What are your thoughts about the changes? Do you miss something or are you skeptical about specific features? Then let us know.

We build on our communities’ feedback.

Just send comment on this article or send us an e-mail to hello@adstock.io.

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