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When to expect Adstock 2.0

adstock 2.0

The first version of Adstock has been up and running for over two years now – and you’re still using it! ????

A year ago, we already showed some insights of the second version on our blog. In addition to changes of our design and UX, the structure of the sales page in particular has been updated. FYI: The salespage is the heart of Adstock where the Influencer can offer his services for sale. While these services were still very static in Adstock 1.0 the second version is much more flexible when it comes to setting it up. Every imaginable service an Influencer might offer can be implemented on the new salespage. It’s actually so flexible that it can not only be used by Instagram Influencers but also from people of TikTok, Snapchat or other Social Media platforms.

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Flexible like our new salespage

Adstock is a project of our hearts, which we are currently working on in addition to our day-to-day jobs. The processes on Adstock look much simpler from the outside than they actually are. Many things have to be thought through, solutions have to be found and decisions have to be made – the user should of course not feel anything of the complexity. As mentioned in previous blogposts, with the first version we could see that we are addressing a real problem with out idea and that there are many potential users. From this position, we don’t want to make any hasty decisions. The second version of Adstock should not only show us again that the idea is good. This time, not only the idea but the tool has to work in such a way that it actually solves problems and provide value.

We are now at a point where we can give you a rough estimate of when Adstock 2.0 gonna be ready to use. In the closed beta phase, selected Influencers will already be able to use the tool under monitored conditions. In this phase we will be in close contact with the Influencers to identify problems and evaluate general functionality. We expect this phase to start in June 2022.

Depending on how the closed beta works, we will launch the open beta. We try to get there in August this year.

Now It’s Your Turn

Currently we are still looking for Influencers who would like to participate in the closed beta phase. In this position you can influence the further development of Adstock and you will be the first to benefit from all changes that will be available in the future. It’s also important to mention that all our open beta users don’t have to pay any Adstock fees in this phase.

Just comment on this article or send us an e-mail to hello@adstock.io with your Social Media handle.

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