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About Us – The Story of adstock

adstock Team

Hi! Nice to meet you ???? We’re Eugen, Fabian & Fabian. Our heart burns for social media, technology and for smart ways of working. With adstock, we want to create the perfect tool for selling & managing shoutouts.

The Story of adstock – How it Started

Countless requests, repetitive questions, and an increasingly complex organization. The problems with selling shoutouts on Instagram haven’t spared us either. As admins of Instagram niche-accounts with over 1 million followers, we’ve faced dozens of communication problems with our customers and prospects every day. Questions and problems were always the same, so it was obvious to automate these processes. The idea of adstock was born. 

The Idea

An own shop, where it’s possible to specify conditions once and share it with customers then. So you never have to answer the same questions over and over again – and the customers can book fast and easily.

First Steps

The realization began with an amateur shop that saved us a lot of time every day. But the realization with the shop builder was still bad. Why?

  • The Shop was not optimized for sales
  • The Organization quickly became chaotic
  • It wasn’t possible to decline bookings
  • High monthly costs (approx. 20% of income)
  • Didn’t appear serious
  • Only a few payment options for clients

All in all, it was semi-professional. Nevertheless, customers liked the solution and even other niche-account admins asked us if we could do the same for them!

Time to Get Serious

It was obvious. We needed our own solution, a solution that would save us, as well as other niche influencers, money, time and nerves. A solution that would pay for itself and even generate significantly more revenue.

In order to meet our requirements, we had to start programming from scratch. After about a year it was finally ready.

adstock, the shoutout managing tool was launched! ????

… that’s what it has to offer:

  • High-performance Salespage 
  • all major payment methods
  • Fraud protection 
  • Automated invoice creation 
  • VAT management 
  • Customer support
  • Discount codes
  • Upsells
  • Push-Notifications

and much more… The list of benefits is long – adstock on point.

Our Goal

To simplify the way of selling ads on Instagram – with a perfect tool.

We’re sure that we can achieve this goal with the power of our community easily! We’d love seeing you on board!

From Influencers for Influencers ❤️

About the author

Fabian Aichem

Co-Founder & CEO of adstock. On my way to simplify the way of selling ads on Instagram. Join the journey now.

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