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4 Tools to find Viral Content for your Instagram Meme Account

Instagram Viral Tools

Viral content is one of the most important factors when it comes to rapid growth on Instagram. You can do anything 100% right – but if your posts don’t get users to like, comment and share – your growth will stay on track. In this article, you’ll learn how to identify viral posts and which tools you can use to make your search much easier!  ????

The Common Way

Browsing through the Instagram Explore Page manually. As soon as an interesting post is found, the number of post interactions is compared with other posts in the account. If the post has received significantly more (at least 10x) engagement, then it can be assumed that it’s a viral post and it will do very well on your own account too.

Good… unfortunately, this procedure takes a very long time and I personally often spent half an hour without getting any results.  ????

The problem is well known – so some tools showed up on the market lately and I would like to introduce you to them in this article – never waste your precious lifetime again!

1. Buzzsumo

If you want to search viral content on the whole web and not only on Instagram, try Buzzsumo. According to their slogan “Find the content that performs best” Buzzsumo offers a keyword related web- and facebook search. With numerous parameters, you can determine exact factors of the posts you’re looking for. For example, you can set up commands like “Show me the pictures/videos with the most comments on Facebook in the last 24 hours”.

Search for “Dogs” on BuzzSumo.com

The search on Buzzsumo can also take some time, but most results are real posts with high viral potential. Besides the possibility to discover trend videos, Buzzsumo also offers other features that are probably not very interesting for you as an Instagram meme account.

With a starting price of $ 99 per month, Buzzsumo is definitely an expensive tool. I wouldn’t advise it for beginners of niche Accounts who don’t make any money selling shoutouts yet. But for established accounts, that are making more sales when the post goes viral, it can be worth an investment.

2. Viralfindr

Viralfindr is a user-friendly tool whose basic function is to scan specific Instagram accounts and hashtags. It ranks all the posts of manually entered accounts or hashtags according to their engagement. This is enormously helpful! Beside ranking posts for engagement you also get some analytics like the most mentioned users or the most used hashtag by a specific account.

Scanning an Instagram profile with Viralfindr.com

You might often come across posts on the Explore Page that have a very good quality, but there is just no reason that this post could go viral – something special is missing. Now it makes sense to scan the account and search for posts with more potential to go viral. Scanning a whole account by eyes and hands takes forever. Let Viralfindr do it for you.  ???? 

In addition to the account related search, Viralfinder also offers the possibility to scan hashtags and find viral posts this way. Personally, I had only little success with this method – but it certainly varies from niche to niche.

Viralfinder impresses with its high user-friendliness, fast loading times and very friendly support. There are different pricing models where you can use the tool from $ 14.

3. Vürku

Vürku allows you to scrape posts from specific Instagram accounts and Hashtags – similar to Viralfindr. I mentioned the benefits of this searching method before. It’s mobile-friendly and gets updated continuously. Vürku looks a little bit old fashioned but offers 100 % functionality. If you’re a data guy – Vürku is something for you. It allows you to download structured excel sheets with all scraped data and the media download works smooth. Besides finding viral content on Instagram it might also be very interesting for research purposes. 

Vürku Interface
Search for “dogs” on Vürku

I got in touch with the Vürku creators and can assure you that these guys are willing to improve it with your feedback. It might be fun to take part in future development. Check Vürku out and let them know what you would love in this tool and what you would like to improve.

There is a free plan and two paid memberships. The free version is perfect to get an impression of everything. If you want to upgrade to the BASIC or PRO membership – then I have good news for you!

The first 15 readers that sign up with the code „Adstock15“ are getting a 15 % discount. This is a one time discount that may be applied to any subscription level i.e. if monthly it applies to the first month. If annual, it applies to the whole year.

4. Social Animal

This tool is very similar to Buzzsumo. It’s a very good and much cheaper alternative. The similarity becomes obvious when you look at the following dashboard.

Search for “Dogs” on SocialAnimal.com

Social Animal offers fewer functions than Buzzsumo, which is not problematic for our purposes. On the contrary, everything remains very user-friendly due to the slightly smaller range of functions. At a price of $ 49 per month, it’s much more affordable… but still not very cheap.

Do you have more tools to find viral content for Instagram? Feel free to add them in the comments!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just write an e-mail to hello@adstock.io or take a look at our help center

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