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Go Viral with Instagram Reels | Stunning Results

Instagram Reels

Since August 2020, Instagram’s competitor feature to TikTok has been online, providing a further opportunity to generate organic growth on Instagram. Since most of the readers of this blog already have extensive knowledge of social media, I will spare myself an explanation of how Instagram Reels work. Instead, I’ll prove that every new feature is a great chance to leverage your growth on Instagram. In the following, 2 theme accounts in 5 different niches are choosen to investigate the effects of instagram reels. These niches include fitness, travel, animals, beauty and real estate.

Measuring the performance of Instagram Reels vs. Videos

To identify the overall performance difference between videos and reels on Instagram, up to 10 of the most recent reels are compared with the same number of recent videos. The total number of views on each of the reels and videos is summed up and then divided. If the RV-factor (Reel-Video Factor) is 1, the views are identical. With an RV-factor of 1.5, reels have on average 1.5 times more views than videos.

Instagram Reels RV-Factor

The evaluation clearly confirms the assumption that Instagram Reels are preferred by Instagram. The average RV-factor is 3.815. This means that the reels received on average 3.815 times more views than the videos. 9 out of 10 results are larger than one. The smallest RV-factor is 0.88 and the largest 7.31.

An important reason for the high RV-values are viral posts – i.e. single outliers that have a strong influence on the average value. Reels that do not go viral show about the same number of views as the videos. From this it can be concluded that it is simply much more likely to create virality with a reels post. A few great examples on how companies already went viral with reels can be found in this later blog post.

Your experiences?

If you have been thinking about using reels on your account, you should act quickly. As soon as reels are established on Instagram, the algorithm will be harder to leverage again. In the perspective of monetizing your theme account, reels are also revealing new opportunities. In the making of adstock 2.0, we’re already aware of that.

You are interested in Instagram Reels? Then let me know what to write about next.

If you already have some experience with reels, feel free to share it in the comments!

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