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How to Get Back Your Hacked Instagram Account

Instagram Account hacked

There are many ways that hackers are using to steal other people’s accounts. Afterwards, the hacked Instagram Account is usually sold on marketplaces like fameswap or used to blackmail you.

In this case, the hacker has usually already managed to remove your OG-Email, the linked Facebook Account, and your phone number. So you have no way to get back the account yourself. No need to panic. There is a way that is somewhat hidden, but which has worked reliably in the past. Contact Instagram Support.

Yes, Instagram Support is actually not just a myth. Most people just don’t know how to contact them. The following steps will show you how to do that – and how to get back your account.

1. Open the Login-Screen on your Instagram Mobile App

2. Click “Forgot password?”

Hacked Instagram Account

3. Enter the username of your hacked account and click “Need more help?”

If your email address connected to the Instagram account is still working, or if you have connected your cell phone to the account, you can continue to send you a reset link. In this tutorial, we assume that none of these options are available to you. So click “Need more help?”.

Important: Sometimes Instagram randomly leads you to the FAQs after clicking on it. Restart your app or try it later again then.

Hacked Instagram Account

4. Click on “I do not have access to this e-mail address or phone number”

Hacked Instagram Account

5. Create a Support Request

Now we have reached the final step. Here you will need the following information:

  • Email address that was used to create the account
  • An email address for Instagram to contact you

Also, specify whether it is a business profile or a personal one.

In the last step you have to answer why you are sending the request. Check the box “My Account got hacked” and finally explain in the “additional information” that you have no way to access the account (optional).

Now it should take 24 – 72 hours until Instagram sends you a link that will give you access to your account again.

Hacked Instagram Account

Did it worked?

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