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Double your Shoutout Earnings

Instagram Shoutouts

Do you sell shoutouts on Instagram? In this article, you’ll learn how to double your earnings by selling shoutouts with minimal effort. So get more out of your shoutout game right now – it only takes 3 minutes!

There are two factors on how to increase your shoutout income:

  1. Increasing the quantity of your shoutout posts
  2. Increasing the customer’s willingness to pay

The following tips and tricks are based on how to improve these two factors – so just choose the tips that are best for you at the moment.

#1 Be Fast! ????

Potential customers are impatient. They often want to see their shoutout published the same- or next day. Many customers decide only for an influencer because he answered them first.

So, if you want to sell more shoutouts you should be the first influencer with an answer to their request… or you just give clients the possibility to book a shoutout directly in your Instagram bio through an adstock link.

adstock instagram bio

Summary: Activate notifications for direct messages or place an adstock link in your Instagram Bio.

#2 Share your Insights ????

Potential clients are usually uncertain about the choice of an influencer. “Are the followers fake? Is the reach not as good as it seems?”

Make yourself trustworthy and show yourself as an honest business partner by proactively sending your insights to the customer. Search 2 – 3 parts of your insights, make screenshots and save them in a separate album on your phone, so that you can share them within seconds.

Summary: Send your customer 2 to 3 pictures of your insights immediately after your answer to the request.

#3 Provide Valuable Knowledge ????

Your customers are used to a rough tone. Many influencers behave unfriendly towards their customers. At this point you can score very well.

Instead of just being polite, you should provide your customers with a valuable tip. This signals helpfulness, builds trust, the customer thinks he owes you something – and is now willing to pay significantly more.

The tip should be short and simple. Something like: “I’ve already shared two LED collars this month, I’d advise that you don’t advertise something like that”.

Summary: Give your customer an insider tip immediately after your answer to his request.

#4 Give them a Reason ????

Even if your customer has significantly increased his willingness to pay through the measures described above, give him a good reason for your high prices. BUT don’t say that you have high prices, rather bring in the reason indirectly.

For example, it could be something like that: “In order not to annoy my followers I only rarely want to share advertising” With this you don’t say that your prices are very high, but you give the customer a plausible reason directly if he should be surprised about your prices.

Summary: Give your customers an indirect reason why your prices are higher than others.

The Master Plan

Place the adstock link in your Instagram Bio so customers can book immediately when they are on your profile.

If you receive a request in the DM’s, your answer could look like this:

Double your Shoutout Earnings 1
Double your Shoutout Earnings 2

Try this strategy with higher prices than before. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to get much more money with only a little increase in effort. Luckily other influencers are acting very bad so your good behavior stands out even more. Just be friendly and serious – it’s easy.

Do you have more tips to increase shoutout earnings? Feel free to add them in the comments!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just write an e-mail to hello@adstock.io or take a look at our help center

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