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Top 4 FREE Instagram Analytics Tools

Instagram Analytics

To grow successfully on Instagram, constant reflection is essential. Which posts get the most interactions? What is the impact of sharing one or more posts per day? How many followers am I gaining per day? Which accounts are following me? Questions upon questions. To answer them, you need to have Instagram Analytics to rely on.

Instagram Insights (made by Instagram) quickly reach their limits. In many cases, it is only possible to see the Insights of the last 7 days, which makes the detection of a trend rather difficult. The amount of shown KPIs is also limited. Furthermore, a business account is required here. Nevertheless, the most exact figures are available directly on Instagram of course.

The following tools are judged on various aspects from 1 – 10, where 1 stands for very bad and 10 for very good. The aspects are as follows:

Effort: How time-consuming is it to get the insights? Do I have to register for it? Do I even have to link my Instagram account in addition?

Functionality: How many Key-Performance Indicators (KPIs) does the tool show? Can I only see my follower growth or can I even find out what income my followers have?

USPs (Unique Selling Points): How different is the tool from Instagram Insights – do I even need it?

Since there are only free tools presented in this blog post, price isn’t worth mentioning.

1. Ingramer Profile Analyzer

Effort: No registration necessary. You can immediately search for any account. After entering a name and clicking Analyze, insights of the account are available after about 30 seconds. 10 / 10

Functionality: A total of 15 values are analyzed. The most exciting are probably the average user activity, the engagement rate, and a bubble map of the times with the greatest engagement. All other values could also be obtained from the Instagram Insights. 5 / 10

USPs: Ingramer isn’t measuring many KPIs, but they offer you the ability to view any account on Instagram. If you want to check an account that you don’t own – this tool is powerful. Another advantage is the simplicity of the search. 8 / 10

Instagram Analytics; Ingramer
Ingram Profile Analyzer Dashboard

2. Hypeauditor

Effort: Registration is required to use Hypeauditor. However, you do not need to connect with Facebook or Instagram. After registration, you can simply search for any account that you want to analyze. 7 / 10

Functionality: The amount of data that Hypeauditor shows is stunning. Since you get more than 40 KPIs here, I will only tell you my favorites. Have a look at the scope yourself. My absolute highlight is the listing of the most popular followers. There might be a huge star that is following you! You get very precise KPIs about your followers. You get to know how many of them are real, how their estimated income class is, what other interests they have and even more. The listing of all mentions within the last 90 days can certainly show you something that you might have overlooked. Hypeauditor also allows you to compare competitors, shows you the top trending accounts in your niche, and offers a lot more. Check it out! 10 /10

USPs: A stunning amount of interesting KPIs. However, you can only get the data from one account in the free version. If you want to analyze more accounts, Hypeauditor costs 300 USD per month. 9 / 10

Instagram Analytics; Hypeauditor
Hypeauditor Dashboard

3. Socialblade

Effort: Socialblade is probably most popular tool is very easy and quick to use. Similar to Ingramer, all you have to do here is simply search for the name of any Instagram account. 10 / 10

Functionality: It’s pretty limited. In addition to ranking in different categories, daily followers can be viewed. In addition, the tool records an engagement rate for each account and other average values of certain KPIs. 3 / 10

USPs: Because Socialblade is probably the most popular tool, a lot of data is available which means that the ranking in various categories has a certain significance. 6 / 10

Instagram Analytics; Socialblade
Socialblade Dashboard

4. Famoid

Effort: Search and find – easy – without distractions. Same principle as on Ingramer and Socialblade. 10 /10

Functionality: Famoid shows more than 13 KPIs, the functions can be described as rather clear. Future Projections, however, stand out from this tool. The average daily growth rate is calculated for the next month and years. 6 / 10

USPs: In addition to the Future Projections, the beautifully designed graphs are particularly striking. You should definitely have a look! 🙂 6 / 10

Instagram Analytics; Famoid

That’s it. I hope at least one of the mentioned tools meets your needs. If you want to get 12 quick tips to boost your Instagram followers I can recommend checking out this blog article.

Do you have more great free tools for Instagram Analytics? Then feel free to share them in the comments! 

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