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The Best 3 Instagram Forums to Stay Up-to-Date

The Best 3 Instagram Forums to Stay Up-to-Date 1

Instagram is always changing. New features, algorithm changes, new settings… so you can quickly lose track of what is going on. When you need Instagram in your work environment, you cannot afford to be left behind. But if it should happen, these Instagram forum recommendations should help you to get up-to-date as fast as possible.

As in the other adstock blog posts, these forums are chosen from the perspective of Instagram niche accounts. Personal influencers can also learn a lot from these places – but there are certainly many more exciting communities to exchange information in this area.

1. Blackhatworld.com

The forum, which was initially branded as a forum for search engine optimization, now offers many more subcategories. One of them is Instagram.

It takes some time to get used to the forum structure, but you should invest it. There are a lot of questions on specific Instagram topics asked during the day and sometimes very detailed and helpful discussions are held. Take an hour to click through the latest posts and you will know which Instagram topics are important at the moment. Besides interesting questions, you will also find a variety of guides to dominate the Instagram game – you may stumble across a nugget there. Admins make sure that community guidelines are followed and that everyone behaves respectfully in discussions.

Instagram Forum Blackhatworld.com
The Blackhatworld.com Forum Interface

blackhatworld.com is free to read and participate. If you want to use the forum for marketing purposes, there is the possibility of premium membership.

2. Ascend Viral

The Instagram forum, which describes itself as “The Largest Instagram Marketing Community”, is based on a highly successful Instagram eBook and publishes only Instagram related content.

Getting used to the Ascend Viral Forum is pretty easy – basically because it is all about Instagram. In addition to typical forum posts, there is a focus on the community chat. The forum gets a kind of dynamic due to that. The number of posts is significantly lower than at blackhatworld – but the questions are often of better quality. Staying up to date is therefore also possible. But in general, Ascend Viral is probably even better used to learn the basic rules of Instagram.

Instagram Forum Viral Ascend
The Ascend Viral Forum Interface

To join the Ascend Viral Forum you need the Ascend Viral eBook. You can buy it for 47 USD on the website. The eBook contains tips & tricks to grow successfully on Instagram and is updated regularly.

3. Reddit r/Instagram

I don’t want to explain what reddit is – you should already heard of it. The Subreddit r/Instagram has 145,000 members. Created in 2011, the mission to this day is “Learn tips and tricks, ask questions and get feedback on your account.”

Due to a large number of members, this is the most active Instagram forum. Thematically, however, it is very diversified here. While on Blackhatworld or AscendViral the thematic focus is on niche accounts – in r/Instagram it is all about everything and everyone. By scanning over the “TOP” post headings, you can quickly go from one interesting post to the next.

Instagram Forum Reddit/r/Instagram
The Reddit r/Instagram Forum Interface

Reading the articles on Reddit is possible without creating an account – if you want to actively participate, you can also create an account for free.

Spend at least 30 minutes a day reading in those forums and I am sure it will improve your overall Instagram performance.

Do you have more interesting Instagram Forums? Feel free to add them in the comments!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just write an e-mail to hello@adstock.io.

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