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3 Tips to Get More Shoutout Sales

shoutout sales

Selling shoutouts on your Instagram account is a quick way to get some money. But many accounts perform below their real potential – this means that they sell fewer shoutouts than possible, or they charge too low prices for their services. In this article, you will get three tips on how to maximize your shoutout sales.

1. Track your sales

As in many areas – and especially in sales – statistics and figures are essential. Choose a day of the week to look at what you have sold and for how much you have sold it. On this basis, you can constantly check if it is time for a price increase or if you should even lower your prices to sell more shoutouts.

The central problem is that most influencers get used to a routine and a pricing strategy. They develop something like a business blindness. Because of that they do not make any changes week after week and stay at the same level. Without regular documentation, adaptation can also have exactly the opposite effect, as memories are often subject to cognitive distortions… so you might make just the wrong decision.

We can recommend two ways for a good documentation:

  • Creating a list with Excel or Google Sheets
  • Tracking sales and conversion rate with adstock.io

2. Be cooperative

Anyone who has ever found himself in the situation of looking for influencer to post an ad knows that they are usually very taciturn or that they don’t even react to questions. From an influencer’s point of view, it is because conversations are time-consuming – and they don’t have this time.

Nevertheless, as an influencer, you’ll simply miss a lot of money. With the right technique, the potential can be fully realized with minimal additional effort. The keyword here is “shortcuts”. If you don’t use them yet, then it’s time to do so… Create a list of all most common questions + answers and create a shortcut for them. The next time, one of these question is asked – you just need to press the right shortcut letter.

3 Tips to Get More Shoutout Sales 1
The symbol for instagram shortcuts

If you sell via Instagram DM, a conversation is necessary. With shortcuts the effort can be reduced significantly. With adstock, however, most of the common questions are already answered simply by sharing your adstock salespage-link. Clients can create a booking and pay directly via adstock without changing tons of messages with you. 

3. Don’t let them wait

There’s not much to explain. Potential clients often do not decide for the best offer, but for the offer they can get the fastest. Again, there are two approaches to significantly improve the response time. 

1. Set up notifications for message requests on Instagram. This way you won’t miss any message requests, but you will receive notifications for many irrelevant requests.

2. Let potential clients book directly in your bio via your adstock link.

instagram shoutouts adstock bio
Put a call to action and your adstock link in your Instagram bio to get more sales

All in all these tips are not “mind-changing” however they are very effective but most influencers don’t use them. It’s crucial to treat your shoutout business in a serious way to get serious results from it. So start overthinking your strategy now.

Do you have more tips to increase shoutout sales? Feel free to add them in the comments!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just write an e-mail to hello@adstock.io.

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